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We can assist your business with your corporate legal needs

Disputes involving corporate law can be complex legal matters. Whether it’s forming a corporation or an existing company facing legal action, it’s critical for businesses to seek legal counsel from an experienced corporate lawyer familiar with this area of the law. Otherwise, a company could suffer adverse consequences that could negatively impact its business.

Our dedicated legal team at Eller Tonnsen Bach, LLC can skillfully guide your corporation through any legal obstacle you may encounter. We have years of experience dealing with such complicated business litigation cases. That’s because we have worked with businesses of all sizes incorporating, reorganizing or dealing with other legal challenges in South Carolina and North Carolina.

Such hands-on experience has given our business savvy attorneys an in-depth understanding of the state and federal rules and regulations governing corporations. That’s why we’re the law firm that businesses and other attorneys turn to when they need legal advice. We have the knowledge and the expertise your corporation needs to navigate through any challenge.

What are different types of corporations?

Many large, profitable businesses structure their company as a corporation. By forming a corporation, the investors (often shareholders) in the company are a separate entity from the corporation itself. As a result, investors are not personally liable for any contractual obligations or debts incurred by the company.

There are several different types of corporations. Some of the most common types of corporations include:

Different types of corporations often have their own, unique advantages and disadvantages. Depending what type of business your company is engaged in, certain corporate structures might make more sense for your business. That’s why it’s important to consult with a business attorney before making any decisions about the legal issues facing your corporation.

How is a corporation formed?

Incorporating a company can be a complex, legal process. Often, extensive legal forms, permits and official documents need to be filed with the appropriate local, state or federal agency as part of the formation process for a new corporation.

Other steps in the process of forming a corporation often include:

These are just some of the steps that need to be taken when incorporating a corporation. At each step along the way, it’s critical that every document and form is accurate and submitted on time. Otherwise, the incorporation process could be jeopardized due to errors or delays. Experienced corporate attorneys know these deadlines and understand the importance of being in compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations.

What are common legal issues involving corporations?

A wide range of legal issues often come up involving corporations, including:

Many legal issues often arise involving corporations. That’s the reason why some companies have an in-house general counsel to advise the company on important legal matters. But even if your company already has a general counsel, an outside attorney with extensive experience handling certain legal issues can often bring a unique perspective for resolving such important matters in an innovative, cost-effective way.

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The stakes are often very high when it comes to legal issues involving corporations. That’s why our attorneys at Eller Tonnsen Bach, LLC take such cases so seriously. As your legal counsel, we won’t waste your time or your money. We’ll get straight to work researching your case. We’re also mindful of the financial pressures often facing companies. That’s why we strive to find cost-effective solutions that produce measurable results.

Our firm represents small corporations and Fortune 500 companies throughout South Carolina and North Carolina. In each case, we bring the same tenacity and attention to detail. As a result, we have a well-earned reputation among business professionals. We have the experience, expertise and knowledge to effectively address any legal issue facing your corporation.

Put your trust in the law firm businesses trust. Contact us and schedule an appointment with an attorney at one of our three office locations in South Carolina and North Carolina. We’re here to help your corporation thrive and succeed.

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