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Government Entity Attorneys

We represent government entities, advise on municipal governance

Legal action against government entities often results in challenging legal cases. Knowing what to do in such situations can be confusing. That’s why it’s important for local municipalities or other government entities to seek legal advice as soon as possible to learn more about their available legal options.

Our dedicated attorneys at Eller Tonnsen Bach, LLC have years of experience representing government entities throughout South Carolina and North Carolina. As a result, we’re familiar the state and federal rules and regulations often governing such cases.

As your legal counsel, we can carefully analyze the legal issues facing your municipality and advise you on the best course of action. We will also keep you informed of the status of your business litigation case and be there for you in all court appearances or regulatory hearings, public hearings or other meetings.

Cases we handle at our law firm

We handle a wide range of cases involving government entities throughout the Carolinas. Such cases include:

This is just a small sampling of the legal cases we handle involving municipalities and other government entities. Whatever the nature of the case facing your community, we want to work with you to resolve such issues in a professional, forward-thinking manner. We put your community’s best interests first.

What makes such cases so complicated?

Legal cases involving municipalities and other government entities can be complex legal cases for many different reasons, including:

Some law firms avoid such challenging cases. Our firm thrives on them. That’s because our attorneys have a sense of duty and welcome the opportunity to assistance municipalities and other government entities when they need our assistance the most.

Choose the law firm professionals choose. Contact us

In many cases, the circumstances for different cases may seem similar at first. We know the truth. We understand that every case often presents its own distinct challenges based on unique circumstances. That’s why we never take anything for granted. We take the time carefully investigate every case and develop a strategy that suits your specific situation.

Our hands-on, detail-oriented approach consistently produces positive results. That might explain why many municipalities and other law firms frequently seek our services to address complex legal matters. We’re also conscious of the financial pressures facing many municipalities. That’s why we focus on developing cost-effective solutions to complex legal matters.

Put your trust in the law firm municipalities and other government entities trust. Contact us and schedule an appointment at one of our three office locations in South Carolina and North Carolina. We would be honored to serve your community’s legal needs.

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