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Quiet Title Action Attorney

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Establishing who is the rightful owner of a particular piece of property can often be a very difficult legal challenge. This is especially true if more than one person or entity claims to be the owner of the same piece of property. In such instances, a quiet title action or lawsuit can often be an effective way for resolving such disputes and establishing a clear title for the property.

Our legal team at Eller Tonnsen Bach, LLC can help you guide you through this complex legal process every step of the way. We know what to do because we have years of experience dealing with complex business litigation cases and legal matters involving real property disputes. That’s why we’re the law firm many professionals choose to resolve legal issues in South Carolina and North Carolina.

What is a quiet title action?

The term quiet title refers to the legal process designed to establish who officially owns a particular piece of the property. This is especially important when buying, selling or refinancing a piece of property. If there is not a clear title for the property, such real estate transactions could be delayed or derailed entirely by someone who claims to have title to the property.

The phrase quiet title refers to quieting any challenges by anyone who claims to legally own a particular piece of property. If more than one person claims to own the same piece of property, such a situation is often referred to as a cloud on the title.

Disputes over who owns a particular piece of property occur for many different reasons, including:

Whatever type of legal issues you’re dealing with involving a specific piece of property, an experienced attorney can help you navigate your way through the complex legal process often associated with clouded titles and other real estate matters.

How do I file a quiet title action?

The rules and regulations for filing a quiet title action vary from state to state. In general, the process involves filing a lawsuit and petitioning the presiding civil court with jurisdiction over the property. In the petition to the court, the person or business filing the quiet title outlines the adverse claims clouding the title. The person or business filing the quiet title then asks the presiding court in the petition to grant a quiet title for the property.

In South Carolina, various state statutes govern the rules and regulations for filing a lawsuit to quiet any title disputes for a particular piece of property. The entire process often takes 8 to 10 weeks depending the specific legal issues involved in a title dispute.

In North Carolina, state statute, N.C.G.S. § 41-10, governs quiet title actions. The main purpose of quiet title actions in general is to “to free the land of the cloud resting upon it and make its title clear and indisputable,” according to the North Carolina state statute. In addition, North Carolina’s law clearly outlines who has the right to file a quiet title action.

How much does a quiet title action cost?

Costs can vary widely from one case to another. In addition to filing fees and court costs, legal fees can quickly add up as well. That’s why it’s important to talk to an attorney up front about how much they charge for their services. Otherwise, legal fees can quickly spiral out of control.

Simply paying more for an attorney does not guarantee better legal advice or results. Experienced lawyers know how to address complex legal matters like quiet title lawsuits in an efficient, professional and cost-effective manner.

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