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Contract Negotiations

Experienced construction litigation attorneys

Construction projects are complicated and expectations for completion can be high. Problems can come up that quickly turn into disputes that are difficult to resolves. Dealing with these disputes can lead to delays, drain your resources and impact future projects. That’s why it’s important to have a detailed contract with clear terms before starting work.

The experienced construction litigation attorneys at Eller Tonnsen Bach, LLC represent contractors, subcontractors, construction companies, building suppliers and other companies in South Carolina and North Carolina. We help clients negotiate contracts that protect their interests and can help prevent and address potential legal disputes.

Protecting your rights before work begins

Our attorneys can negotiate, draft and review all types of contracts, including:

Our firm helps clients negotiate contracts before beginning a project to help protect their rights, mitigate risk and avoid future litigation as much as possible. Our goal is to address all potential problems and contingencies that could lead to a dispute. We also consider how proposed clauses could impact our clients and negotiate changes as needed.

Serving North Carolina and South Carolina

We can also prepare contracts for any type of construction or development contracts. Our attorneys ensure that all parts of the contract – such as the Agreement, General Conditions, Special Conditions, Scope of Work, Specifications, Bill of Quantities and Construction Schedule – are as clear and concise as possible. We also include any clauses agreed to during negotiation, such as maximum price clauses.

Our firm can also review contracts for clients before they sign. We can identify any clauses that could be problematic or any language that is unclear.

There’s too much at stake to go into a construction project without a contract that clearly defines the scope of the work and addresses potential problems before they happen. That’s you need an experienced attorney who can help you negotiate a contract that meets your needs and protects you if something goes wrong.

Our attorneys have a thorough knowledge of laws affecting construction in both North Carolina and South Carolina. Learn more about how we can help you negotiate a contract that protects your business and allows you to proceed with confidence. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation at any one of our three offices – Greenville, SC; Charlotte, NC and Charleston, SC.

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