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Delay and Disruption Claims

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Construction projects often follow tight schedules. When there are problems, the result can be delays or disruptions in the work, leading to disputes. Resolving these disputes can be a costly and lengthy process that drains your resources and puts your business at risk. That’s why you need an experienced construction litigation attorney.

Eller Tonnsen Bach, LLC represents contractors, subcontractors, construction companies, building suppliers and other companies throughout South Carolina and North Carolina in legal cases involving delay and disruption. Litigation involving these types of disputes can be a drain on your company’s time and resources. We help clients find solutions that meet their needs.

A delay in construction is when the project is not completed by the deadline that was agreed upon. A disruption of construction usually happens when a property owner makes changes to the project after a contract has been signed. Delays and disruptions can each interfere with the completion of a project but are different types of claims.

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Examples of factors that can result in construction delays include a change in site conditions, changes in requirements or design, bad weather and issues involving labor, materials or equipment. Some delays are considered excusable and are usually addressed in the contract, allowing for an extension of time to complete the project.

Lengthy delays can impact a company’s future plans and can have a significant financial impact. If a delay is not considered excusable, a party may take legal action to seek compensation for the costs that were incurred as a result. It is up to the claimant to prove that the delay resulted in compensable damages.

A disruption of a project usually occurs when a property owner makes changes to the method or sequence of construction after a contract has been signed. This can lead to a dispute over whether the owner had the right to make changes per the terms in the contract, while contractors may argue owners are hindering their work.

Disruptions in a construction project can result in increased labor costs for contractors, as well as loss of productivity, which is usually measured in labor hours or equipment hours. Contractors can take legal action to seek compensation for the damages they suffered as a result of a disruption.

Construction litigation involving delay and disruption claims are complicated. Our experienced attorneys handle these types of disputes throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. We know how litigation can impact your business and are committed to helping you get the best possible outcome.

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Our legal team thoroughly investigates your situation, gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, carefully reviewing all documentation and if needed, consulting experts. Our attorneys work quickly and efficiently and design a legal strategy to resolve your case that leads to measurable results.

Our firm can help you navigate the legal process every step of the way and explore every opportunity for resolving your case. We may negotiate a settlement or recommend an alternative dispute resolution method such as mediation or arbitration. But if necessary, we are prepared to litigate.

Learn more about how we can help you resolve your delay or disruption claim. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation. Our offices are located in Greenville, SC; Charlotte, NC and Charleston, SC.

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