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Insurance Litigation

Our attorneys find cost-effective solutions to complex legal problems

Insurance policies are intended to provide protection during a construction project if something goes wrong. But insurance coverage can be complicated and claims can be challenging. When you are involved in a dispute, it’s important to be represented by a construction litigation attorney who has experience handling such insurance cases.

Eller Tonnsen Bach, LLC represents insurance companies, surety companies, contractors, construction companies and other businesses in legal matters involving insurance issues. Our attorneys are authorized to work as oversight counsel for insurance companies. That’s why businesses throughout North Carolina and South Carolina trust us to represent them.

Our attorneys are familiar with the insurance requirements necessary to mitigate the risks associated with construction. We have an in-depth understanding of state and federal rules and regulations that apply to construction projects. Our firm has been helping clients resolve complicated legal issues for more than a decade.

A reputation for getting results in complex legal matters

Because of our experience in insurance litigation, our firm is often retained by insurance companies to represent builders and contractors dealing with a legal dispute. Our attorneys know how to design a strategy that protects the interests of contractors and other businesses while working with the insurance companies that retained us.

When a builder or contractor is sued, our legal team considers all options. We review documentation to determine current insurance coverage. If applicable, we request that the insurance company defend and indemnify claims so builders or contractors don’t incur the expenses of costs, attorney’s fees or a judgment.

Our attorneys pursue all available insurance coverage on behalf of clients who are facing difficult legal challenges. For example, we review the subcontracts and certificates of insurance to determine if any subcontractors listed our client under their policies. Our goal is to help clients get the best possible outcome.

Our firm also represents insurance companies directly. We defend their interests in matters involving insurance coverage disputes and insurance bad faith claims. Our attorneys work closely with insurance companies to find cost-effective solutions to complicated issues that have measurable results.

We are also respectful of your time and your resources. Our attorneys work quickly and efficiently to design appropriate legal strategies for your specific situation. That’s because we’re committed to helping clients solve their legal problems. Our focus is not on stacking up billable hours. Our focus is on resolving cases, closing claims and adding value.

The law firm businesses and insurance companies trust

When a construction dispute involves insurance, your choice of legal representation can make a dramatic difference. There’s often a lot of money at stake in these matters, and decisions made now can impact the financial future of your organization.

Our firm has earned a reputation for providing reliable and effective legal representation in cases involving complex insurance matters. Our attorneys have the experience, legal knowledge and ingenuity needed to resolve your legal issue – whether that’s through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation.

Learn more about how our law firm can assist your organization. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation at one of our three office locations – Greenville, SC; Charlotte, NC and Charleston, SC.

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