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Risk Management

Our workers’ compensation defense attorneys find ways to cut costs

A workplace accident can leave an employee injured and can have a significant impact on a company’s operations. Workplace injuries affect productivity and cost businesses money through workers’ compensation claims. Taking preventive steps can both help keep workers safe and reduce a company’s financial obligations.

The experience workers’ compensation defense attorneys at Eller Tonnsen Bach, LLC have represented clients throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. We are very familiar with the costs of workplace accidents for business and insurance carriers. We have also seen how risk management can make a big difference in protecting employees and improving a company’s financial health.

Our attorneys work with companies to help them develop a risk management program that creates a safer and healthier work environment and reduces workplace accidents. While no program can completely eliminate the risk of injury, we’ve seen that every business can take measures to reduce safety risks and control long-term costs.

These programs typically involve:

These will vary depending on the business and the nature of the duties that employees are required to perform. We can help you determine the procedures that match the needs of your organization. It is also important to regularly review the procedures and update them as needed. Safety procedures work best when they are made clear, there is commitment from everyone in the company to follow them and there is enforcement.

Effective training on workplace safety for all employees can help reduce accidents, minimize injuries and keep your insurance costs down. An employee program can include written safety policy and rules, regular training, preventive maintenance and routine safety inspections. Training employees in first aid can also help minimize injuries if there is a workplace accident. Employees should also be aware of the procedure for reporting and investigating workplace accidents.

All managers in a business should be trained in these procedures so there is no confusion about what steps to take if a workplace accident occurs. Managers and supervisors should know how to get prompt medical treatment for an injured employee. They should also know the reporting procedure for workplace accidents. In addition, managers and supervisors should know the policies for investigating accidents and options for light duty when an injured employee is ready to return to work.

Companies may be eligible for workers’ compensation insurance discounts if they implement a workplace safety program that meets state criteria. In general, the fewer accidents a company has, the more it can save on insurance premiums.

Since 2011, our firm has defended insurance carriers, self-insured businesses, uninsured businesses and third-party administrators in workers’ compensation claims throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. We understand the challenges of resolving these claims and work to protect our client’s interests.

Contact us to discuss how we can help your organization create a risk management program and reduce the cost of workers’ compensation claims. We have three office locations – Greenville, South Carolina; Charlotte, North Carolina and Charleston, South Carolina.

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